In Bin Dryers

In bin dryers offer the highest grain quality with various management techniques In bin dryers can be the right option for you if you have smaller storage bins spread across multiple sites, or a specialty application like rice.

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Continuous Flow Dryers

When drying capacities exceed the ability of a standard bin dryer, Continuous Flow Dryers will cover any requirement. Our Portable, Stack and Modular Tower dryers meet nearly any need on Farm and our two Commercial Tower Dryers provide the highest capacities available today.

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Combine the TopDry’s limited depth, roof drying floor and high capacities with the same high capacity fans used on our Portable Dryers and you get capacities equal to our largest Stack Portable Dryer.

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Circu-Lator Performance Systems

Circu-Lator Performance Systems are available in 3 models, depending upon your desired drying bin diameter, drying capacity, & surge capacity needs.

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Dri-Flo Performance Systems

Dri-Flo Systems unload dried grain through a horizontal unload auger located underneath the drying floor and do not feature a vertical unload auger. The Dri-Flo System is perfect for the operator with an existing dry transfer system, looking for Shivvers Counter-Flow drying precision at maximized removal capacities.

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